dimanche 11 décembre 2011

First post, duh!

I am Myouko Tatara, I'm a 23 years old girl. I'm French Canadian,  half Abénaki too. You probably know me from the Touhou Role-Playing Community. I decide to make myself a blog talking of several passion I have (such as Cosplaying, drawing, etc...) and many other things. Now let's talk about myself a bit.

I am a touhou fan for now 3 years, I really like the series...but I am so bad to play at it (yes easy modo -_-;) the only one I am good is touhou9, but on netplay  people can easily beat me (Chiyuri and Yuuka admin can prove this!). I do not have a lot of touhou stuff as a fan.Most of them are sadly bootleg because I do not have money to buy real ones. (i will probably post pictures of my stuff later on the blog).

My other passion is cosplaying. I know I am "fat" and does not fit  to do small character but damn, who cares when you put so many effort on the cosplay! I pass a lot of time and money on this. At first, I was caring a lot about what people was saying about "fat" cosplayer until I realize it wasn't worth crying about that. I even won a price for best cosplay once in a convention! Since that day, I do not care about what people say about me and my cosplay because I am proud of myself. My skill in cosplaying are still growing and I am really proud about it, I am more a props maker than a costume maker though..

I also looove to cook. I am really proud to have been able to work in a sushi shop in my life.(a little company). I have learned a lot from them and each time I receive people at my house,most of the time I end up teaching them how to make sushi. I love Japanese food in general, not a big fan of fish but as long it's beef or chicken I don't mind.^^ I might post tutorial for food here as well. (Japanese food, Abénaki food, etc.. I'll share easy and  nice recipe for you guys and gals.^^), I'll even take pictures to make it easier. I love to share with people.^^

In my free time, I love playing video games and drawing. I am not really good again, but I do play any kind of game (I am open minded on that). I love all kind of game. I am quite late in the new game, for an example, I will have Okami on wii for Christmas... and I never played that game. I love discovering new game as well and I also love retro games as well. Like I said, I also love drawing, I am not really good but I try my best.(to Letty admin, yes I am still working on your drawing, sorry if it takes awfully long T_T, Corel Painter is a bitch)

There's still a lot more I would like to say but I am missing time to tell it all. I'll probably continue gradually in my next post.  See you all later~

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